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10% off Initial Massage and Initial Kinesiology session.

What is Kinesiology?

Holistic kinesiology is a simple yet extremely effective Natural Health Modality. It aims to balance the whole person: physically, emotionally and energetically,  to improve health, wellbeing and vitality.

What is Massage?

Remedial Massage looks at what the client is presenting, and aims to alleviate the pain, discomfort or stress that the person is experiencing.



  1. I’ll be working on Tuesdays again from the 27th of February, 2024. I’ll be available from 9am-2pm on Tuesdays from then.
  2. We require 24 hours notice for any cancellation.
    • Late cancellations will be charged at 50% of the consult fee.
    • No Show appointments will be charged the full cost.

Thank you for understanding.

Introducing Nutritionist Lisa Snowdon

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with a leading nutritionist and healthy body weight specialists – Lisa Snowdon – to provide professional Nutritional services to our offerings.

Together we’ve come up with a number of programs designed specifically with your health goals in mind.

Food has an incredible propensity to heal and enhance well being, once, that is, you’ve gained an understanding of nutrition and how it works best for you. Sustaining your ideal weight or eating an anti-inflammatory diet is one of the main keys to staying healthy and reducing the pain and inflammation you may be seeking treatment for.

Lisa teaches about wholefood nutrition and getting back to basics with our eating habits. Today’s food technology and marketing campaigns have us believe that processed foods are the ideal choice. However, we are now suffering from more diet and lifestyle diseases than ever before. There’s just so much confusion around the food choices we should make, and Lisa is here to offer clarity amongst that confusion.

Lisa specialises in: Digestive disorders like IBS; sustainable, healthy weight loss; conquering sugar cravings and eating for optimal energy and wellness. She has a clinic in North Ryde and offers online programs for those of you that are short of time but keen to get results.

Online & Group Nutrition Coaching Programs
In addition to Lisa’s Nutrition Clinic, she has created online and group nutrition coaching programs to get you on the ‘Road to Wellness – Boost your energy and metabolism by upgrading your habits’ and a ‘Back to Basics Sugar Detox – Identify what foods work for you and what foods work against you to reach your optimum health’.

Road to Wellness Program
This inspiring program gives you the nutritional and lifestyle knowledge you need to reach and maintain your ideal weight and all day energy. It’s designed specifically to empower you to take control of your food choices once and for all. Why? Because when you’re ready to move on, we want you to take lasting knowledge with you, so that you can continue to make the correct nutritional choices for you and your family into the future.

This program is not about calorie counting, or sticking to a strict diet that is not sustainable. Rather, it’s about giving you the knowledge to make the right nutritional choices now and in the future. Once you have this information, you’ll have the confidence in making the right decisions instead of the uncertainty about nutrition you may be currently experiencing. You’ll be amazed at the boost in confidence you’ll have, and you’ll know why things perhaps weren’t working for you weight wise or health wise in the past. Best of all, you’ll be inspired to continue this journey and you’ll have the tools to do so.

So who is this program for? Well, just about anyone looking to improve his or her health and nutrition (and that of their family’s) and reach their ideal weight.

Click here to join the program>>

Back to Basics Sugar Detox Program

Concerned about the amount of sugar you consume? It’s probably more than you think. Current sugar consumption in Western countries is over 53kg per person, per year on average. One hundred years ago it was around 5kg per person, per year, this is a big clue to how our health is going wrong.

Detoxing from sugar brings many health benefits. Lisa’s 2 Week Sugar Detox Program helps you break your sugar addiction and propels you towards better health.

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IBS Program
10-Week Nutritional Coaching Package

This program will take you through the diagnostic testing (optional) and dietary changes/challenges to identify the triggers for your digestive discomfort. You will come out of this program with no or dramatically reduced symptoms and the knowledge of what foods work for you and what foods don’t. This way we can ensure you have a balanced diet and plenty of meal and snack options to both satisfy your tastebuds and keep you in optimal health.

If you are looking for answers to your digestive symptoms then Lisa offers an IBS Strategy Session that’s free to any of my clients. Call reception on 8005 1733 or click below to book in a convenient time for your session and mention you are a client of mine so you get this session for free.

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General Nutrition
Individualised Nutrition Coaching Programs

We are all unique individuals and are at difference places with our health and the results we are looking to achieve. If you feel you are ready to address some dietary changes to help you achieve your health goals then Lisa offers a Nutritional Phone Strategy Session that’s free to any of my clients.

During this session she will go over where you are right now, where you want to get to and the options you have to get there. If Lisa feels a different practitioner could be of more assistance she will refer you so you get the best results possible. Call reception or click below to book in a convenient time for your session and mention you are a client of mine so you get this session for free.

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10% off your Initial Remedial Massage.

10% off your Initial Kinesiology session.

Want to benefit from being a regular? Enquire in the clinic as to our specials for loyal clients, or just be surprised when you receive a token of our appreciation for coming back and looking after yourself.