Jane Chua Remedial Massage and Kinesiology West Ryde

Jane’s ABN: 41 194 518 177
MyPhysio West Ryde
t:     (02)9808 5948

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What is Kinesiology?

Holistic kinesiology is a simple yet extremely effective Natural Health Modality. It aims to balance the whole person: physically, emotionally and energetically,  to improve health, wellbeing and vitality.

What is Massage?

Remedial Massage looks at what the client is presenting, and aims to alleviate the pain, discomfort or stress that the person is experiencing.

About Jane

After 3 years of study, and graduating from Bachelor of Applied Science (Leisure and Health), Jane felt that she needed to narrow down her field to find more prospects. This led her to study first the Diploma of Remedial Massage at the Nature Care College, and then the Diploma of Holistic Kinesiology with the College of Complementary Medicine.

With Remedial Massage, Jane specialises in using Trigger points to help a person’s muscle to relax, and therefore relax the individual. Trigger points are tight knots that develop on your muscles when they have been overworked or stressed for whatever reason. By holding these points at the right pressure and for the right length of time, your muscle is allowed to release that tension build up. It has been effective in helping people sleep easier, as well as significantly reducing pain and frequency of their headaches if not stop them from coming back completely through maintenance and prevention.

Jane studied Holistic Kinesiology as a way to lengthen the time span she could work in the field. It’s less strenuous on the practitioner yet still very effective. By identifying the pattern that the client is living in, Kinesiology can help the client step out of it and move forward in their lives. Jane believes that our emotions and thoughts affect us physically, and vice versa. Keeping this in mind, by balancing all our states holistically with Kinesiology, this will facilitate for a person to be able to help themselves heal.

Holistic Kinesiology can be effective with:

  • Improving sleep
  • Reducing stress
  • Overcoming food addictions
  • and many more.

After completing her Diploma of Holistic Kinesiology in early 2009, the first clinic Jane worked in practicing both Remedial Massage and Kinesiology was the Ryde Natural Health Clinic (RNHC) in North Ryde. Then, feeling she needed a change of scenery, she moved not far away to a clinic in West Ryde: MyPhysio West Ryde.

Invest in your health and wellbeing to keep moving freely in life.

Jane is accredited with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) for both Remedial Massage and Kinesiology.

Jane is simply magic. I’ve been seeing Jane for over a year now, and without her I simply wouldn’t be able to function. Prior to seeing Jane, I had years of constant pain in my neck, shoulders, back and arms, and would regularly lose feeling in my hands and forearms. I can now go 6 weeks without pain, which is simply amazing for me. I float out of her clinic after every visit. – K. Waddell

Jane is certainly the best massage therapist I have been to. She is highly skilled, caring and professional. Her trigger point technique really helps me to release tension in my body, and always make me feel so much more relaxed and better afterwards. As I am regularly training in my sport and compete at international level, Jane’s magic hands keep me going and train hard to achieve my personal best. Thanks Jane! You know you are awesome – V. Yung

Aches and pains simply disappear under the healing touch of Jane while you drift off to a soothing, relaxing place for rest and comfort. Jane Chua’s professionalism and personability, coupled with her mastery of remedial massage and kines…iology skills, prove Jane’s great passion in her work. Jane’s genuine desire for the good health and wellbeing of each of her clients is evident in her holistic approach to wonderful service. Reward yourself (or someone you love). Life is busy and we ALL deserve much needed rest and recuperation. Secure your time with Jane today, you’ll be so glad that you did!!! – E. Cameron

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